Praktikum Lana Martires

Sommerpraktikum von Lana Martires - Willkommen!

Lana Martires will join us for a summer internship - Welcome!

Lana Martires is now doing an Erasmus Master Degree in Media Arts Cultures. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has a Bachelor’s in Film Studies from Universidade Federal Fluminense where she also studied History for two years. Since 2009 she has been working with Audiovisual Preservation, going through different Film Archives and diverse workshops in the field. From 2014-2015, she was in a traineeship at Filmoteca Española, and from 2016-2020, she worked at the digital laboratory of Cinemateca Brasileira. She is frequently involved in artistic projects, values Open Knowledge initiatives, and has diverse interests like analog photography, DIY repair, archival investigation, and History of technology.

About MediaAC Program

The Media Arts Cultures programme is developed between five consortium partners. The curriculum draws upon the strengths of each partner and offers students an unusual chance to study on the culture of media arts in Europe.

In the MediaAC curricula, the students will achieve for the first time internationally advanced historical and theoretical knowledge in Media Arts in an innovative combination with creative, artistic, curatorial, and technological practices. They will get language competences and intercultural training for European and world-wide cooperation (especially Asia).

In the first semester, MediaAC starts in Austria with “Histories and Archiving” focusing on the humanities-oriented study of the Histories of Media Arts Science and Technology and the relation and importance of innovative archiving for future research in Media Arts Heritage.

In the second semester, the programme continues in Denmark with the applied processes of initiating and realizing experience design projects and their relationships to academic methodologies and the non-academic private and public-sector activities. Students will complete an internship collecting experiences on-site with associated partners.

The third semester, based in either in the innovative European media environment of Poland or the vibrant Asian media culture of Hong Kong, will concentrate on the development of the production of knowledge and creative output within the evolving Media Arts Cultures and help define international directions for future needs within the field to be addressed in research during the final Master’s Thesis semester.

The Master’s Thesis semester (semester four) can be completed at any of the three EU universities under supervision of faculty from all 4 Partners. Special emphasis is given to transferable skills (i.e., research methods, presentation skills, language and leadership) and to real-world connections.

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